Dr. Rosalia Luketina

Precision meets perfection; this is how the patient describes Dr. Luketina´s unique talent. Dr. Rosalia Luketina MD is a true example with an artistic lens and proficient surgical skills to be part of the leading plastic & aesthetic surgeons globally.

Dr. Luketina is a double board-certified Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgeon practicing in Switzerland. Making her one of few plastic surgeons around the globe developing individual-based injections techniques and performing exceptional results in the surgical theater.

Besides that, Dr. Rosalia Luketina graduated with a first honor from the Medical School Graz, Austria, with a strong research background. Striving for excellence, she accomplished her core training in surgery at the University Hospital Heidelberg. She completed her specialty training in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery at the Medical School Hannover, Germany. This was followed by a great fellowship in cosmetic, reconstructive facial and body contouring surgery at the famous Plastic Surgery program of the University of Pittsburgh and UCLA, Los Angeles. She trained with some of the leading surgeons in this field, including famous surgeons known and valued globally.