30 August - 2 September 2023





No matter the stage of your career, get ready to be inspired and empowered to take your next leap to a more beautiful future.

The Inner Circle is designed to put you into a state of abundance, anything is possible in the beautiful surroundings of Switzerland, within the heart of the iconic 100 million dollar empire built by Dr Felix Bertram.

Explore the flagship Skinmed clinic and its 2 Michelin star Restaurant Skin’s, as part of The Inner Circle. Learn about the inspirations, the challenges and the strategy behind a world-leading clinic and restaurant from the visionary who built it.

Within this unique environment, your transformation will be facilitated by mentors ready to share the knowledge and beliefs that will empower your growth. 

Each speaker has been especially selected to help you overcome specific barriers in knowledge, mindset and skill we all face when pursuing excellence, and to connect this important work with your greater purpose.

In developing this program, Dr Felix Bertram and his faculty looked back at their careers and drew on their own transformations to identify the hard-won insights they needed to progress, and to share those powerful lessons with the attendees of The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle experience is carefully curated to transform your vision of the future,  and make your progression faster, easier and more meaningful.

Our program is designed not to teach, but to transform.

The Speakers

Dr Felix Bertram

Business Mastermind in the Aesthetic Industry

Dr Tim Pearce

Leading Global Aesthetic trainer & Complications Expert

Miranda Pearce

Multi award winning Aesthetic Maketing Expert & international speaker

Julie Bass Kaplan

A Global Pioneer in Aesthetic Medicine & Neurotoxins

Dr Neha Sarcevic

Pioneer & world famous expert in full facial transformation

Dr Nichola Conlon

world renowned expert in longevity and regenerative medicine

Dr Felix Bertram
Business Mastermind in the Aesthetic Industry

Who better to lead this event than Dr Felix Bertram. From dermatologist to sole owner and founder of Switzerland's leading skin clinic. The 100 million dollar doctor, TedX Speaker, Shark Tank investor and founder of the fastest ever 2 Michelin Star Restaurant, Skin’s, is himself a master of strategy, execution and personal transformation.

Transformation 1. From necessity to purpose - Make better decisions, and achieve your true potential through understanding your purpose.

Transformation 2.
From purpose to growth - How to hire, inspire and organise people to achieve your vision.

Dr Tim Pearce
Leading Global Aesthetic trainer & Complications Expert

One of the world's most famous aesthetic trainers, Dr Tim Pearce has trained thousands of injectors and mentored hundreds to master the full face and the full person to build successful clinics. Founder and owner of a multi-million pound training school and clinic in the centre of Manchester, his contribution to inner circle he will share the power of transformational consulting, and free you from the fear of complications and side effects through a new way of looking at risk.

Transformation 3. How to transform from just another injector, to the trusted guide patients truly seek.

Transformation 4. Complications, from fear of consequences to controlled confidence in any area of the face.

Miranda Pearce
Multi award winning Aesthetic Maketing Expert & international speaker

The multi award-winning marketer and international speaker, Miranda Pearce is the marketing force behind the $7 million PA aesthetic business she started with Dr Tim Pearce, and the success of hundreds of other clinics through her ability to empower clinicians to connect, build trust, and inspire action with their patients through social media. She will teach you how to set yourself apart from the crowd by transforming your social media style from imitating others, to trust building, authentic communication that drives bookings.

Transformation 5. How to build a personal brand that elevates you above the competition using the power of social media

Transformation 6: From cardboard-cut-out to connection, trust and bookings: How to leverage Reels and TikTok to grow your business

Julie Bass Kaplan
A Global Pioneer in Aesthetic Medicine & Neurotoxins

Julie Bass Kaplan AKA Jubilant Julie is in industry icon, renowned worldwide for her expertise in Aesthetic Medicine, Anatomy & Neurotoxins.

Julie's journey has been dedicated entirely to the realm of Aesthetic Medicine driven by an unwavering commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

Julie's true passion lies in sharing her invaluable knowledge on injectable safety and facial anatomy. Her mission is to promote a natural aesthetic that celebrates individual beauty, as well as fostering meaningful connections with her patients and trainees alike. Drawing from her wealth of expertise and experience, she established the highly acclaimed "Jubilant Julie Head & Breakfast Anatomy Workshop" in 2021, a resounding success that continues to transform lives. Beyond these transformative workshops, Julie connects with her global community through her "Jubilant Julie" Patreon channel, sharing insights and practical tips on safety techniques and how to create a patient-centric approach that transcends mere aesthetics.

Transformation 7: How to dominate toxins and transform it into beautiful and natural results

Transformation 8: How to build confidence and find purpose as a nurse injector

Dr Neha Sarcevic
Pioneer & world famous expert in full facial transformation

Dr. Neha is an esteemed pioneer at ShapeBy, one of Europe's leading Aesthetic clinics. She exemplifies the success, which comes through personalised treatment plans and technical mastery. Her global reputation as a skilled injector has attracted patients from around the world who seek out her expertise. She is recognised as an exceptional injector within the European Aesthetic landscape, inspiring the next generation of injectors to create world-class transformations.

Transformation 9. From areas to artistry-The full Facial Transformation Journey

Transformation 10. Lips enhancement to the next level

Dr Nichola Conlon
world renowned expert in longevity and regenerative medicine

Dr. Nichola Conlon (BSc, MRes, PhD), a pioneering molecular biologist specialising in cellular ageing. She stands at the forefront of what will likely be a revolution in our field. Her passion to translate the latest scientific breakthroughs into products that slow biological ageing allows all of us to access the latest breakthroughs. The future is regenerative - and Dr Conlon is going to help you see into the future so that you can be a big part of it.

Transformation 11. Transforming the aesthetic industry by understanding ageing on a cellular level from inside out

Transformation 12. Preparing for the future: The world of antiaging is changing, and we must be ready to play our part in the revolution of regenerative medicine.

The Program


Each ticket costs CHF 10,000.

It includes:

  • Full access to the 4-day event
  • Lunch, group dinners and coffee breaks
  • Transfer from Skinmed Clinic to the Dolder Grand Hotel
  • The opportunity to bring one guest (partner or colleague) with complimentary access to the entire Inner Circle Event or as an individual get complimentary access to a complete set of webinars plus additional materials for your aesthetic clinic with a total equivalent value to the above offered complementary access of one guest.
  • Certificate of attendance

We have negotiated special room rates for you at the Dolder Grand Hotel. Please book as early as possible, as rates will increase after the deadline. 

You may book another hotel in the city, if you prefer. 

Shuttle service will be provided from Skinmed Clinic in Lenzburg to the Dolder Grand Hotel. 

Yes, all dinners, lunches and coffee breaks are included. 

You are welcome to bring your partner to the group dinners at your own cost.

Please fly into Zurich International Airport (ZRH) and proceed to The Dolder Grand Hotel. 

Transfer from the Dolder Grand Hotel to the venue location, Skinmed Clinic in Lenzburg, is organised. 

The Skinmed Clinic address is Niederlenzer Kirchweg 2a, 5600 Lenzburg.

There are direct train connections from Zurich to Lenzburg. For more information, visit HERE

You also can use a taxi, Uber or ask for a driver.

The Swiss Aesthetic Institute reserves the right to alter the programme, the speakers and venue of the event, if necessary. 

Free cancellation of the event is possible up to 60 days before the start of the event (less an administrative fee of 10%). Cancellations received after that will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

The organizers shall retain 10% of the full registration fee if the participant does not meet the required medical qualification for the event.



As many are aware, Julie Horne has been a central figure in the above events arranged by the Swiss Aesthetic Institute (SAI). Unfortunately, as a result of her withdrawal from our joint venture and accordingly the events scheduled, there have been a significant number of refund requests. This is a matter entirely out of SAI’s control.