Course Description

This course is especially designed for doctors and dentists who are eager to learn the basic Botox® techniques and furthermore develop advanced clinical abilities for special indications. This is the widest portfolio of Botox®  injection treatments you can get, as it will cover facial anatomy, patient selection, injection technique, contraindications and after care. 

During the course, you will inject 1 live model under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Tatjana Lanaras. Meet Dr. Tatjana Lanaras

After this intensive course, you will be able to:

–        Perform patient assessments relating to the use of botulinum toxin

–        Develop a range of treatment plans relating to the use of botulinum toxin

–        Understand the management options referring to side effects associated with botulinum toxin administration


This full-day botulinumtoxin only course will help you gain an understanding of the following treatments: 

–        Treatment of the glabella, forehead, crow- feet

–        Brow lift

–        Perioral treatment: wrinkles, gummy smile, masseter/bruxism, pebble-stone chin

–        Platysmal bands

–        Axillary hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating)

The course fee includes the full-day programme, a hand-out, live injection on a model, a certificate of attendance, lunch at the 2-Star Michelin restaurant, Skin’s and coffee breaks. 


  • Start at 09:00 AM 
  • Basic presentation on toxins and anatomy
  • Aging process, development of dynamic and static lines
  • Risks, possible side effects and contraindications
  • Injection techniques, procedure preparation, product selection, correct use, dosage and units
  • Patient selection

Practical part:

  • Patient assessment
  • Visualization of the anatomy, marking up the injection points
  • Practice how to handle, prepare and use different syringes including needles and cannula
  • Prepare a treatment plan for the patients
  • Live injections on demo models
  • End at around 17:30 PM


As many are aware, Julie Horne has been a central figure in the above events arranged by the Swiss Aesthetic Institute (SAI). Unfortunately, as a result of her withdrawal from our joint venture and accordingly the events scheduled, there have been a significant number of refund requests. This is a matter entirely out of SAI’s control.