Masterclass 2023 - Julie Horne

Julie Horne is one of the industry leaders within aesthetic treatments. She is a proven pioneer in promoting lip enhancements with more natural and subtle results.

This comprehensive one-day training is designed to bring out the artist in you, by  strengthening your confidence with lip injections by applying various techniques.

Trainees will learn how to create subtle and natural results while improving their aesthetic eye and assessment skills.

The training is supervised by Julie Horne and offers the optimal combination of hands-on training and knowledge transfer.

This can accommodate up to 10 participants. 


  • 09:00: Julie will begin with a theoretical presentation on her lip technique.
  • 10:30, you will watch Julie inject on 2 models and she will educate while doing so.
  • 12:00 Lunch at the 2-Star Michelin Restaurant, Skin’s

  • After lunch, each participant will treat their own model under the guidance of Julie Horne
  • 19:00 Training ends with the handing out of certificates