Shadow Days

We only accept experienced doctors, nurses, dentists & physician assistants. You will have a 1-hour theory session in the morning with Julie Horne. Then you will shadow her when she injects up to 6 patients. In the afternoon, you will inject 1 model under Julies guidance. You will also receive a certificate of attendance. We charge CHF 3,900,- for a full shadow day incl. theory, 1 demo model treatment and lunch.

Usually we fill our shadow days with up to three medical professionals. You also have the exclusive opportunity to get a shadow day 2:1 or 1:1 with Julie Horne.

Below you can find the dates for shadow days with Julie Horne. For more information, please email

Shadow Days in September

  • Monday, September 27th
  • Tuesday, September 28th
  • Wednesday, September 29th
  • Thursday, September 30th

Shadow Days in October

  • Friday, October 1st

Shadow Days in November

  • Monday, November 15th
  • Tuesday, November 16th
  • Wednesday, November 17th
  • Thursday, November 18th
  • Friday, November 19th