Check the agenda 2023 and
book your training today.

Check the agenda 2023 and
book your training today.

The 2023 calendar
is now available

The 2023 calendar
is now available

Welcome to the
Swiss Aesthetic Institute

We are extremely excited to welcome you to our innovative Aesthetic Training Institute in the heart of Switzerland.

Agenda basic course Botulinum Toxin A and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

  • Start at 08:45 AM with a theoretical part
  • Basic presentation of toxins and fillers
  • Anatomy
  • Aging process, development of dynamic and static lines
  • Risks, possible side effects and contraindications
  • Injection techniques, procedure preparation, product selection, correct use, dosage and units
  • Patient selection
  • 11:15 live injections on demo models
  • Visualization of the anatomy, marking up the injection points
  • Practice how to handle, prepare and use different syringes including needles and cannula
  • 02:00 PM hands-on on models
  • End at around 05:30 PM
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks are included

In this course you will learn the basics of how to use Botulinum Toxin A and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for facial treatments. We welcome doctors and medical students with no previous experience with botulinum toxin A or facial fillers.

If you have questions regarding combination tickets, please email

Julie Horne Lip Masterclass - 2023

If you have questions regarding combination tickets, please email

Julie Horne Shadow Days - 2023

If you have questions regarding combination tickets, please email

Dr. Raj Acquilla Lip Masterclass - 2023

If you have questions regarding combination tickets, please email

Dr. Raj Acquilla Shadow Days - 2023

If you have questions regarding combination tickets, please email


Dr. Shady Ismail, lower face:
  • Assessment
  • Modalities
  • Anatomy
  • Techniques jawline, chin
  • Recommended products
Julie Horne, Lips:
  • Assessment
  • Anatomy
  • Beautifucation technique ”Millennial lip”
  • M-shape correction technique
  • Filler migration and how to avoid it

WEBINAR - Lower face beautification & Masculinization

Link available for 14 days


Non surgical rhinoplasty
  • Why noses?
  • Common concerns
  • Treatment principles
  • Assessment and injection technique
  • 20 minute injection video with commentary
Lips and perioral area
  • New injection videos

WEBINAR - Lip & Nose Harmonisation

Link available for 14 days


  • Patients’ wishes and doctors’ goals
  • General assessment of the Face
  • Assessment perioral and periocular area
  • Elements of facial aging
  • Lip assessment: different shapes, m-shape, mature patients, envelope versus content
  • Rheology of HA recommended for Lips and the perioral area
  • Techniques: lip tenting and Julie Horne technique
  • Perioral area: The Fern Pattern Technique
  • Rheology of HA recommended for the periocular area
  • Periocular area: The Palma Technique
  • Anaesthesia: numbing creme, dental block, Amsterdam block
  • Q&A


Link available for 14 days


  • The ageing process of the lips
  • Guidance to product selection, understanding soft tissue profile, choosing rheology
  • Facial assessment
  • Consultation and aftercare
  • Technique videos + before & after pictures
  • Beautification techniques, M-shape correction, rejuvenation and restoration of the perioral complex
  • Tips on how to build up thin lips
  • 3D Anatomy of the lip and perioral area
  • Risk zones in lips
  • Adverse events including swelling, lumps, nodules, vascular occlusion/compromise and visual loss
  • Management of complications (an algorithmic evidence based approach)
  • Overfilled lips, poorly placed fillers and filler migration
  • Hyaluronidase + dissolving video


Link available for 14 days

The minds behind

Julie Horne

Julie Horne, RN was born in Sweden. She began her career in cardiac surgery for children and adults, before she decided to pursue her passion in the field of aesthetics.

After working in Oslo, Norway for 10 years, she moved to Cape Town, South Africa, in February 2020.

Whilst in Oslo, Julie was based at one of Norway’s most prestigious cosmetic clinics for many years, where she performed treatments, encompassing all indications with dermal fillers and neurotoxins. 

She is the owner of the Julie Horne Academy, where she trains aesthetic doctors and nurses, who travel from all corners of the world to attend her internationally acclaimed and world famous “Lip Masterclass.”

Being acknowledged as a master in the industry by her peers has led to her being invited to lead several big aesthetic congresses worldwide.

Felix Bertram

Dr Felix Bertram was born and raised in Germany. After finalizing his medical school in his early twenties, Felix Bertram worked as a resident in dermatology and completed his specialization in numerous, well-known clinics in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, on the island of Sylt and in South Africa.

After he became a board certified dermatologist he moved over to Switzerland and founded Skinmed in 2007 near Zurich. Since then, Skinmed has written a tremendous success story! With 120 employees, 300 patients per day and 6000 surgeries per year skinmed is the biggest and fastest growing clinic for dermatology and plastic surgery in Switzerland. 

Dr. Felix Bertram has just launched an innovative and sustainable skincare brand, called Skinmed Doctors.

And, together with Julie Horne, he is running the prestigous Swiss Aesthetic Institute near Zurich.

Frequently Asked

For sure the world famous «Julie Horne Lip Masterclass». In addition we will offer many high quality masterclasses given by famous international top trainers and KOLs.

Besides that we will also offer a broad spectrum of courses and trainings within neurotoxins, dermal fillers, anatomy and much more from basic to master level.

In a second phase we are planning to offer a full modular built section with a SAI certification program. If you are a nurse, dentist or a doctor and want to start working in the aesthetic field, we will offer a special and outstanding certification program with a theoretical and practical exam that will give you a great start to do success in this industry. You will then become a certified aesthetic injector by the Swiss Aesthetic Institute, trained by international top injectors and we will connect you with different product suppliers and other injectors worldwide. As a certified aesthetic injector by the Swiss Aesthetic Institute you will not only learn anatomy, safety procedures, assessment skills and injection techniques. We will also provide you with business management and social media courses.

The Swiss Aesthetic Institute is based in Lenzburg in the heart of Switzerland. The institute is located in the Skinmed Clinic building.

Lenzburg is 20 Minutes by train from Zürich city center and 40 minutes by train or car from the airport of Zürich or Basel. See also: Google maps

You will find the price listed next to the respective course.

Please check our Agenda Page for our annual programme and booking links.

For more updates please follow our Instagram channel.

The Masterclasses and Shadow Days with Julie Horne are open to doctors, registered nurses and dentists.

Botulinum Toxin A and Hyaluronic Filler Acid Workshops are only open to doctors and dentists.

Our training institute will be more or less «brand neutral» so the trainers will use products from Galderma, Allergan and Teoxane. It depends on the trainers preferences.

Then please sign up for our waiting list.

Free cancellation of the event is possible up to 60 days before the start of the event (less an administrative fee of 10%). Cancellations received after that will incur a 100% cancellation fee.


The organizers shall retain 10% of the full registration fee if the participant does not meet the required medical qualification for the event.

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Lip Masterclass

“My passion is to provide you with high quality training leaving you with confidence and expertise to successfully elevate your business” Julie Horne is a proven industry leader in aesthetic treatments. With an innovative approach, she is a pioneer especially in promoting more subtle and natural lip enhancements, eliminating the typical “duck lips”. Designed to bring out the artist in you, this comprehensive, one-day training will strengthen your confidence with lip injections by applying various techniques.

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