The Podcast with Dr. Felix Bertram

Join Dr. Felix Bertram, esteemed host and successful self-made entrepreneur, internationally renowned business mogul and board certified dermatologist. 

As CEO and founder of Skinmed, the fastest-growing and largest clinic chain in Switzerland with 130 employees and over 6,000 surgeries performed annually across 5 locations. He takes you on the highs and lows of combining aesthetics and business. Dr. Bertram’s track record goes beyond Skinmed as he is also TedX speaker, founder of a successful skincare brand, and the founder of Skin’s – the fastest-ever restaurant to be awarded 2 Michelin stars (just 4 months after opening in October 2022). 

In each episode of Aesthetics & Biz, Dr. Bertram welcomes guests from various corners of the medical aesthetics industry to share their invaluable experience, skills, and wisdom. Through engaging conversations and insightful interviews, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of the aesthetics field and discover their secrets to building a successful career in this booming industry.

Dr. Felix Bertram

Host & Serial Entrepreneur

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